Developing and validating a nursing website evaluation questionnaire dating delaware singles online

The function of the incorrect alternatives is to serve as distractors,which should be selected by students who did not achieve the learning outcome but ignored by students who did achieve the learning outcome.Alternatives that are implausible don’t serve as functional distractors and thus should not be used.The questionnaire was developed by item generation through a review of scientific literature and focus groups.The instrument was validated in terms of content validity through an expert review.Multiple choice test items are less susceptible to guessing than true/false questions, making them a more reliable means of assessment.The reliability is enhanced when the number of MC items focused on a single learning objective is increased.When writing multiple choice items to test higher-order thinking, design questions that focus on higher levels of cognition as defined by Bloom’s taxonomy.A stem that presents a problem that requires application of course principles, analysis of a problem, or evaluation of alternatives is focused on higher-order thinking and thus tests students’ ability to do such thinking.

This study aims to develop a psychometric test of the Evidence Based Practice Evaluation Competence Questionnaire (EBP-COQ) among undergraduate nursing students.

In constructing multiple choice items to test higher order thinking, it can also be helpful to design problems that require multilogical thinking, where multilogical thinking is defined as “thinking that requires knowledge of more than one fact to logically and systematically apply concepts to a …problem” (Morrison and Free, 2001, page 20).

Finally, designing alternatives that require a high level of discrimination can also contribute to multiple choice items that test higher-order thinking.

Cronbach’s alpha was 0.888 for the entire questionnaire.

The factor solution explained 55.55% of the variance.

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