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Everyone with an STD is welcome on Positive Singles regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender.

There are over 110 million people living with STDs in the US, with an estimated 400 million people worldwide – you are not alone!

When symptoms do appear, they usually come in the form of warts, such as genital warts or warts of the throat.

Very rarely, HPV can also cause cervical cancer and other cancers of the genitals, head, neck, and throat.

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HPV is very common, and if you’re sexually active, it’s one of the risks you face.

These types of HPV are passed through skin-to-skin genital contact. And anyone who is sexually active is at risk for contracting the virus or spreading it to a partner.

This typically happens through vaginal, anal, or oral sex. It’s possible to have HPV without showing symptoms for several years, if ever.

If you feel more comfortable telling your partner before an appointment with your doctor, you can schedule a follow-up discussion with your doctor once your partner knows about your diagnosis.

If you did your research before this discussion, you should feel fully equipped to tell your partner what comes next.

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