Dating your vox ac30

BAE312 I phased the mics tonight and got the basic sound. I know I hate a single 57 on my Marshall and I don't have another ribbon mic.

I have to hit the ground running tomorrow, I've fallin' way behind. I can go to GC in the morning and pick up a reasonable ribbon mic.

That AC10 was one of Vox’s very first amps—a more affordable, stripped down little brother to the AC15 that was then revolutionizing the English amplifier landscape.

In many respects, this new two-EL84 AC10 has more in common with the contemporary AC15.

It’s not a bad reverb, and is often key to getting the most classically Vox-y and sparkling tones.

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In the studio, however, the AC10 Custom can be absolute magic.

It rings in a uniquely excitable, British kind of way that classic, ubiquitous small amps like Champs, Princetons, and Blues and Pro Juniors can’t quite match. But I can’t remember having more fun with a Rickenbacker, a Telecaster, and a cable than I had in a few days with the little Vox.

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