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This weekend is the 75th anniversary of the stranding of more than 20 pilot whales along the shore of the Conwy Estuary, mainly at Deganwy.Now you can use your smartphone to see details and photos of ...Snowdonia is renowned for its ancient monuments and houses, set against streams and mountains and adored by residents and visitors.A scheme to date some of them, launched five years ago in a plan which gathered momentum as it unravelled more and more of the landscape’s history, began with the informed assumption that most of the signs of building work left behind would come from the 17th century.But actually it turned out to be dated 1565, which was the year that he went to Cambridge, so obviously the family had struck a good patch, rebuilt their house and sent him off to Cambridge.”Now owned by the National Trust, this is a “big-ish, three-unit farmhouse”, according to Suggett.“But buried in the walls are the remains of these crucks.Rather unusually, you can see that this house had a cruck-framed late medieval predecessor."It’s very interesting to see the process: one permanent house has replaced another except for the stubs of the crucks.”It’s symbolic of a widespread overhaul.

Numerous other houses have been dated and the results are now available on Coflein.

Date inscriptions on a few of the houses, added after 1570, have helped.“Occasionally we’ve been able to test it against the date inscription and, sure enough, the timber was felled a year or two before the date,” enthuses Suggett.“You get a core about the size of a pencil from the roof.” In the book, readers can see the sample point marked with a red target.“It’s accurate to the season, that’s what’s so amazing. More from Culture24's Archaeology section: Radiocarbon tests on charcoal reveals Iron Age remains which could be linked to Romans in Scotland Double burial and warrior body discovered as archaeologists find 21 Saxon skeletons in Suffolk village Archaeologists in Palaeolithic Kent face race against time to reveal Neanderthal climate DISCLAIMER: Reader comments posted at are the opinion of the comment writer, not Culture24.

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The Welsh Tower houses are not particularly large and have up to three storeys above an undercroft, as at the Old Rectory, Angle and the Tower at Talgarth.

Smith distinguished a smaller group of house which only have one storey above an undercroft, The best example of this type is Carswell in Pembrokeshire.

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