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Uruguayans are often considered to be laid back and relaxed which unfairly gets confused as laziness.Although they are a country of sun-bugs and things start later than planned, they are incredibly active and engaged.Violent crime remained a problem in Uruguay during 2016, though the rates were still fairly low for the region, and statistics for the year showed a decrease in key categories compared with 2015.

Spring and summer are incredible, with months of sunshine and plenty of beaches for everyone to enjoy.While it’s certainly true that you can get great quality meat and many Uruguayans eat tonnes of it, there are ever-increasing numbers of vegetarians and vegans.This may be because of religious, moral, or environmental reasons, but there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Uruguay to discover.Uruguay has a historically strong democratic governance structure and a positive record of upholding political rights and civil liberties while also working toward social inclusion.Although all citizens enjoy legal equality, there are still disparities in treatment and political representation for women, Uruguayans of African descent, and the indigenous population.

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