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They have a full nut-width, unlike most 60's Gibsons. Headstock pitch is a shallower 14 degrees instead of the 50's 17 degrees. I need to do some leg work to confirm what an unmolested scheme should be.       Earlier guitars in the run will have a dot over the "i" in Gibson, whereas later guitars will NOT have a dot.       Wired ABR's with no anchors in the wood. :) The ABR's will have a patent number on their bottoms. They have a flat deck where the pickups are mounted just like a 50's guitar.

      Honduran Mahogany as stated in the flyer released in 1968. This is what is commonly seen as one of the primary differences between a 50's Les Paul and a 1968 Les Paul. These have been x-rayed and confirmed to be IDENTICAL to 50's bumble bee caps in every way. 68's are early 69's use 50's wiring, with the caps moving to a different lug on the tone pots thereafter. I would say they are generally very similar to a 50's carve except that a DEEP dish carve is much less common, with a slightly less deep edge the norm. Les Paul's made after the mid 70's have a rounded bottom on their tenons to facilitate a wider acceptable tolerance in construction.

Believe it or not, there are some baseball bat huge necks that left the plant in this era, but they are the exception and not the norm. Some 68's and early 69's I've seen have a regular screw holding the pickguard to its bracket, not a Phillips. 68 Brochure states that Standards have nickel hardware, but I believe them to have a mixture of nickel tuners and accessories (likes screws) while having a chrome ABR and Stop Tail.

Necks taper in thickness from the heel towards the nut. Not sure what kind, but I'm certain its wood and not plastic. I will also eventually have wiring diagrams available. Certainly not the smooth, all closed lettered 70's logo until potentially in the later reissue stage (which probably overlaps into early 1970 a little bit). Write me if I have this wrong, it's something really obvious that I somehow have glossed over. 2,740,313)       They vary as they did in the 50's, but generally they have an angle that lends itself to an ideal, low-mounted ABR.       The carves have MUCH more detail to them than the generally maligned (for cosmetic reasons only of course) Norlin "dome" carve of the 1970s.

I refer to this mid-1969 through mid/late 70s tenon as transitional because it comes after 11 years production of long tenons and before multiple decades of rocker joints in regular production models.

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      So, earlier guitars will have the inaccurate cavity route, whereas the later ones will be more accurate in this respect.This set of features instantly became the new standard for the Les Paul Custom model, which has been produced continuously by Gibson ever since.This 1968 Les Paul Custom Reissue was designed to be the final say in historical accuracy, tone and feel.      A great Joe Ganzler quote from the LPF, 1-15-2004: "I will still also concede that some of THE best Les Pauls I've ever heard and played were '68's that have been routed for 'buckers!" ---- EDIT (from the author of this site): Although please people, don't start routing your guitars! They are pretty inconsistent, but generally could be considered larger-than-typical, 60's Gibson necks.

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