Dating fender japanese guitars

and both were being made at the same time from 1994 till 1997.

This means that the the serial numbers starting in 1994 ran consecutively on both the MIJ and the CIJ models while the MIJ logo was being phased out.

Many also have penciled neck dates () you can only see when the neck is removed from the body of the guitar. acronym for "Squier" These models were made by a different division of Fender and bear the Squier logo and not the Fender logo.

These models have the serial numbering and markings in the same location as Fender JV guitars, and were made only during the years 1983 to 1984. acronym for "MADE IN JAPAN" These models spanned the years from 1984 to 1997.

A: The serial number of your guitar will begin with one of the above lettering sequences.

Also, some The Japanese serial number can be confusing too.

Records on early Japanese-made Fender instruments are not complete and are therefore not completely definitive for dating purposes.

As always, serial numbers should only be used as a guide for dating and should be used in combination with known age-related specifications to help identify the production year of an instrument.

1966 Audition (Kawai) Guitar 1968 Avalon AV-2T (Shaggs Model) 1960s Conquerer Guitar 1965 Beetone Guitar 1960s Bradford Guitar 1970 Bruno Conquerer CE 100 Guitar 1960s Cameo Deluxe Guitar 1966 Conrad Bison 1244 2 Pickup Guitar 1966 Conrad Bison 1233 4 Pickup Guitar 1960s Crestwood Guitar 1960s Crestwood Guitar 1968 EL-12 Crown Durango Professional 1960s Decca Guitar 1960s Decca DMI 203 Guitar 1966 Decca DMI 503 Guitar 1965 Dega 485 3T Guitar 1968 Del Rey EV3T Guitar 1967 Demian Guitar 1950s Domino Round-Hole Archtop Guitar 1967 Domino Guitar 1967 Domino Baron Guitar 1967 Domino Californian Rebel Guitar 1967 Domino Hawk Guitar 1968 Domino Scroll Bass Guitar 1960s Douglas Guitar 1960s Elk Country Guitar 1960s Elk Cobra Guitar 1970 Elk King Cobra Guitar 1969 Emperador SG 1966 Encore SG Guitar 1970s Epiphone ET 270 1968 Excetro E-108 Guitar 1992 Fender Telecaster TL 62- Fender Jag Stang 2001 Fender Jaguar Special 2007 Fender Mustang 66 Reissue 1967 Firstman/Liberty SC2 Guitar 1968 Firstman Broadway Special 1967 Firstman Liverpool Special Guitar 1960s Fuji Guitar Fujigen PP4-380 1960s “Gambles Import Co.” Guitar 1960s Givtone Guitar 1967 Greco Model 912 Guitar 1969 Greco 950 (The Shrike) 1969 Greco ER 180 Guitar 1968 Greco GR 973 Guitar 2006 Gretsch G6116PTV Power Tenny 1960 Guyatone LG50H 1960s Guyatone LG55W 1962 Guyatone LG70 (Custom Craft) 1962 Guyatone LG70 (Kingston) Guitar 1960s Guyatone LG98 1967 Guyatone LG 125T Guitar 1968 Guyatone LG127T Guitar 1967 Guyatone LG150T Guitar 1967 Guyatone LG154T Guitar 1966 Guyatone LG170T Guitar 1966 Guyatone LG 180T Guitar 1960s Guyatone KG35 1966 Guyatone LG120T 1966 Guyatone LG160T Telstar 1968 Guyatone LG250T Guitar 1967 Guyatone LG 350T Sharp 5 Guitar 1968 Guyatone LG 350T Sharp 5 Guitar 1973 Guyatone LG 350T Sharp 5 Guitar 1959 Guyatone LG 60 B Guitar 1959 Guyatone LG 60 H Guitar 1965 Guyatone LG 75 1968 Heit (Teisco Vamper) Guitar 1967 Heit 2T-P Guitar 1960s Heit Deluxe Hollowbody Guitar 1968 Honey SE-29VD Guitar 1964 Hoshino (Ibanez)1202 Guitar 1965 Imperial 1 Pickup Guitar 1960s Imperial 4 Pickup Guitar 1960s Imperial 3 Pickup Guitar 1960s Imperial w/ Built-in Fuzz!!!

1960s Imperial Guitar 1966 Intermark Cipher Guitar 1965 Intermark Cipher Charger Guitar 1965 Intermark Cipher Charger Guitar 1965 Intermark Cipher Valor 4T Guitar 1965 Intermark Cipher Valor 4T Guitar #2 1966 Intermark Cipher Valor 4T (Variation) 1965 Intermark Cipher Ranger Guitar 1966 Intermark Cipher Ranger Guitar 1966 Intermark Cipher Ranger Brownburst Guitar 1965 Intermark Cipher Ranger White Guitar 1965 Intermark Cipher Sentinal Guitar 1965 Intermark Cipher Surfer Guitar 1968 Jaguar Mosrite Guitar 1960s Kawai Hollowbody Guitar 1966 Kawai (Mayfair) Guitar 1965 Kawai SD3W Guitar 1960s Kawai Mystery Guitar 1963 Kawai S-80 Bizarre Guitar 1964 Kawai S160 Guitar 1965 Kent 545 Polaris Guitar 1964 Kent 553 Videocaster Guitar 1968 Kent 740 Guitar 1968 Kent 740 LH Guitar 1968 Kent 820 Guitar 1967 Kent 834 Guitar 1960s Kent Copa (532) Guitar Kent LG85T (Guyatone) Guitar 1969 Kimberly/Kawai four pickup Greenburst Guitars 1965 Kimberly SD 2W Guitar 1968 Kingston Concert Guitar 1966 Kingston S2T Guitar 1967 Kingston S2T Guitar 1967 Kingston S4T Guitar 1960s Kingston FVN4 Guitar 1968 Kingston/Kawai Flying Wedge Guitar Rokes copy 1967 La Boz Bison Guitar 1968 Liberty MS-150 Guitar 1964 Lindell VN-4 Guitar 1960s Lyle Guitar 1960s Marco Polo Hollowbody Guitar 1963 Marvel Guitar 1960s Maxitone Guitar 1965 Melody Plus Guitar 1969 Merlin Red Baron Guitar 1972 National TC51 Telecaster Copy Guitar 1965 Nivico Balladeer SG 12 Guitar 1968 Noble EG686 Guitar 1967 Noble TV594 Thunderball Guitar 1967 Noble TV993 Guitar 1965 Norma 490-4 Guitar 1968 Norma EG403-2 1968 Norma EG421-4 Guitar 1960s Norma Greenburst Guitar 1965 Palmer Guitar 1966 Pleasant (Kawai) Guitar 1966 Pleasant 2 Pickup Guitar 1966 Pleasant Guitar 1966 Pleasant Guitar 1966 Pleasant S12S-248 1965 Pleasant (Lafayette 9117) Guitar 1965 Pleasant SEL-220 Guitar 1966 Pleasant SEV218 1967 Prestige Guitar 1968 Prestige Tiki Mask Guitar 1968 Prestige Hollowbody Tiki Mask Guitar 1966 Prestige Guitar 1960s Prestige Unknown Model Guitar 1966 Princeton UC-3 Guitar 1965 RCA Victor SG 18 Guitar 1968 Recco Guitar 1965 Recco Hollowbody (Ibanez) 1966 Rexina Guitar 1960s Rhythmline Guitar 1960s Rhythmline Guitar 1960s Sandtron Guitar 1970s Sears Tele Copy Guitar 1964 Segova Guitar 1967 Sekova Grecian Guitar 1967 Sekova Mentor Guitar 1967 Sekova Vulcan Bass 1960s Shelley Guitar 1968 Silvertone 1445 Guitar 1969 Silvertone 1460 Guitar 1966 St. George EP 85 Guitar 1965 Splendor SG803 Guitar 1997 Squier Super Sonic (Vista Series) 1965 Suzuki E21T Guitar 1967 Teisco DG 67 1968 Teisco EP200B Guitar 1958 Teisco EP3 Guitar 1968 Teisco EP9T Guitar 1960s Teisco EP10T Guitar 1969 Teisco EP11T Supreme Guitar 1960s Teisco ET200 Guitar 1970 Teisco ET200 Guitar 1970 Teisco ET220 Guitar 1964 Teisco ET-300 Guitar 1964 Teisco ET320 Guitar 1964 Teisco ET440 1971 Teisco ET440 Spectrum 4 Guitar 1960s Teisco H-39 Lap Steel Guitar 1961 Teisco (Royal) J4B Guitar 1960 Teisco J5 Guitar 1966 Teisco K2L Guitar 1966 Teisco K2L Guitar 1967 Teisco K4L Guitar 1968 Teisco May Queen 1960 Teisco SW (Kingston) Lap Steel Guitar 1964 Teisco WG-3L Guitar 1969 Teisco S-2 Guitar 1962 Teisco SD4L Guitar 1990s Teisco Spectrum 5 Guitar 1964 Teisco SS4L Guitar 1964 Teisco SS4L Guitar #2 1960 Teisco T-60 Guitar 1964 Teisco TB-64 Bass 1964 Teisco TG-64 Guitar 1965 Teisco TG-64 Guitar 1964 Teisco TRG-1 1965 Teisco (Silvertone) TRG-1 Late 60s Teisco Unknown Model 1965 Telestar 4T Guitar 1965 Telestar RD2V Guitar 1968 Telestar Sparkle Guitar 1966 Tempo Guitar 1965 Tempo 280 Guitar 1968 Tokai Hummingbird 100S 1968 Tokai Hummingbird 200S Guitar 1967 Tokai Hummingbird 230S Guitar 2015 Tokai AST90 Goldstar 2015 Tokai AST80 Goldstar 2015 Tokai ATE90 Breezysound 1970 Tomson Splendor Guitar 1964 Tulio EB2 Bass Guitar 1960s Unknown Racing Stripe Guitar 1960s Unknown Guitar 1960s Unknown Guitar 1960s Unknown Guitar 1960s Unknown Guitar 1960s Unknown 4 Pickup Guitar 1960s Unknown (St.

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