Dating bars montreal

On weekend nights there’s a DJ upstairs, and they play old movies on the brick walls like an indoor Foreign Cinema.

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The wine and beer list is rather adventurous/strange, so you may end up sticking to cocktails, which is nothing to complain about.

The small tables by the front are good if you’re looking to make a quick escape and the lounge-y area upstairs is best if you’re feeling the feels and looking to make a night of it. Maven’s composition is 70% bar seats, 15% communal tables, and 15% living wall.

It’s gorgeous, the drinks are ridiculously good, and if you feel like sharing some food it’s all awesome as well.

Good for an early evening cocktail and a walk along the water towards the bridge.

While Forgery can get packed around happy hour time, it tends to get more laid-back as the night goes on.

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