Dating a portuguese girl validating a bankers draft

Any further discussion I am willing to answer ^^ And the social circles is just spot on "Christian love bears evil, but it does not tolerate it.

It doesn't surprise me that Portuguese men are mostly lazy and out of shape (not fat, but that's more genetical than anything else) - the women just don't care!

I'm starting to see a confirmation for my theory that countries where dating culture doesn't directly reward success and your mental and physical shape, the economy is unproductive because there's no sexual incentive for the guys to be smart and in shape. You'd think in a country with such a deep economical crisis girls would turn to him, but no... I got a couple promising numbers from Norwegian and Swedish students/tourists, altho I was in a "focus on making as much money as possible" stage and couldn't be bothered taking them on a date.

I have a friend of mine who is good looking (could be in better shape, but isn't fat) and a self made millionaire... he keeps getting stuck with the chicks in his friendcircle who even flake on him. The only Portuguese girl who kept asking me if we'd go for a "cafezinho" was originally from Porto (as am I), but I wasn't really interested in her.

As other members said here, the guys seem to have more success than the women ESPECIALLY outside, I know quite a few guys that are some pretty swell playboys, I am in the making of being one myself, we normally have success because of the very same cheekiness and latin charm our girls here don't seem to appreciate.

Too bad for them eh, the wall awaits Anyway I don't really appreciate our girls here, I always prefered Baltic and asian women in general anyway , I'll leave the country in two years or so , not really worried about it, however do not take every post in here so negatively since I think some of my fellow forum members might have exaggerated a little bit eh!

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