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If we cannot have open, frank and direct discussion of International politics, becase of concerns about how 'they' might interpert it, how arewe supposed to figure out who we'd like as President?Tosk As an aside, are you taking the position that Kerry should support any and all Bush decisions on International Politics?I would LOVE to see the Times produce a similar chart showing the extensive connections between Kerry and domestic communist groups. How many of our men have been killed in Iraq everytime Kerry and Kennedy open their pieholes?I suspect several have been killed by emboldened terrorists.Lets do a little rewrite: As an aside, are you taking the position that Kerry should support any and all Bush decisions on International Politics? A Centrist candidate could look these people in the face and tell them to go to hell.If Kerry thinks that we should have supported Pol Pot, shouldn't he say so, especially during an election year? Bush and Kerry just can't afford to do that.'--GM All this talk of a new'centrist'party is just that ----- talk.I don't want to suggest that the opposition party ought to shut up about foreign policy.But the opposition, whether Democrat or Republican, ought to be careful. The commander of the UN peacekeepers in Haiti has linked a recent upsurge in violence there to comments made by the US presidential candidate, John Kerry.

I'm not really sure what you're suggesting here Michael.

Kerry's rationale is that the people twice elected Aristide (though his tainted second election was called fraudulent by independent international observers). He is close to Kerry's influential friends, the Kennedy family of Massachusetts, and is the unconditional favorite of the Congressional Black Caucus. Powerful American politicians sit on the board of Fusion Telecommunications International, which Aristide granted an exclusive concession over the country's lucrative long-distance market.

An alternative explanation rests with Aristide's gold-plated U. While destitute Haiti is one of the world's poorest countries, Aristide has been profligate in spending millions on U. These favors may partially explain the remarkable forbearance toward the Haitian leftist by American liberals. Around the same time that Kerry came out in support of Aristide, he was endorsed by none other than Ramsey Clark.

And another interesting thing about this Haiti issue is that back when Bush escorted Aristide out of Haiti, the Democrats sent their ANSWER goons into the streets to support Aristide. I had great fun gathering ANSWER literature from the Communist Party of the Delaware Valley and showing it to the handful of Soviet refugees I work with. The relationship betwen Clark and Kerry is not a new one. Clark served as LBJ’s Attorney General in the 1960s and then participated in the anti-Vietnam War movement in the early 1970s with Kerry, just back from the war, who accused his fellow soldiers of war crimes and genocide.

It goes back to the VVAW glory days: One of the leading “America bashers” on the political scene today has endorsed John Kerry for president. Clark was a lawyer for Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and Kerry was a major leader of the group.

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