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Technical data Top mat: Dimensions : Width: 2000 mm.

Below the hill with the solitary tree unfolds a tapestry of farm fields.

Slowly, black smudges drift across the grass, like small, dark clouds scudding over the countryside. Once they were known as ‘black gold’, before the epithet was applied to coal, and they remain so prized their herd names are passed down the generations as if they were family heirlooms. Fewer things better epitomise the spirit of Wales, a small country in western Britain which ranks among the wettest in Europe.

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And it’s interesting because I think we have the same thing in Europe,” Dr.

A Welsh black bull may not be a good match for a Friesian heifer. At least, that’s the idea behind Tudder, a new app that works much like Tinder. Basically, it features farm animals from across the United Kingdom, with pictures and detailed biographies, as well as what qualities they’re looking for in the opposite sex.

For all the good qualities they possess, when it comes time for them to find a life partner, they can be remarkably finicky.

Jane Goodall’s revenge is when she studies animal husbandry and transforms her theory into a runaway hit magazine column.

Zigman’s cash cow revenge--she concedes this book is autobiographically based--is that she turned a major romantic thumping nine years ago into a first book with buzz, book rights sold to 14 foreign countries, and that now she gets to commute from her Washington, D.

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