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Since most men reading these words are Profile This is the standard Blackdragon profile, the one I discuss in detail in my primary online dating ebook and one I’ve used many times.

It’s a profile that starts out very strong, with a very striking or unusual first sentence or paragraph.

It starts out very emotional, abstract, and strong on feeling.

Then after about one or two paragraphs it gently shifts into subtle DHVs about responsibility and success.

Some of these have worked for me, others have worked for other guys.

I have seen, analyzed, and evaluated hundreds of men’s online dating profiles.

I get a fair number of responses, but 90% of just "Thanks." Basically is a very polite good-bye.

So the point of the message is NOT to get interest - the point of the message is just to get any response to see who's real ... It sucks on both ends.~I'm kinda foolish and long-winded, so I tend to write more than the average duck. I get those messages in OLD apps and Instagram constantly. They’re not real, and you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings if you don’t respond.They’re always tragically widowed, or soldiers, or contractors, or oil rig workers. Imagine writing 100 messages and getting maybe 5 responses.Because of dating sites’ rules about not getting too sexual, you cant say “let’s fuck” or “you and I are going to have SEX!”, but you can talk about pleasure, passion, bed sheets, and other trigger words/phrases that amp up a woman’s sexual desire.

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