Consolidating tasks

and occurs within the first few hours after learning, and systems consolidation, where hippocampus-dependent memories become independent of the hippocampus over a period of weeks to years.

Recently, a third process has become the focus of research, reconsolidation, in which previously consolidated memories can be made labile again through reactivation of the memory trace.

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Synaptic consolidation, when compared to systems consolidation (which is said to take weeks to months to years to be accomplished), is considerably faster.Long-term memory, when discussed in the context of synaptic consolidation, is memory that lasts for at least 24 hours.An exception to this 24-hour rule is long-term potentiation, or LTP, a model of synaptic plasticity related to learning, in which an hour is thought to be sufficient.When interpreted in the context of synaptic consolidation, mechanisms of synaptic strengthening may depend on the spacing of memory reactivation to allow sufficient time for protein synthesis to occur, and thereby strengthen long-term memory.Protein synthesis plays an important role in the formation of new memories.

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