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I’m trying to find a solution where I can free up space on my laptop’s hard drive, yet still have access to my photos through the cloud. Look at the option “Optimize Mac Storage” in this preferences screenshot…That way you don't even have to worry about it.I don't know how much space it'll leave for other things on your system, but hopefully it's reasonably clever and monitors everything else going on in your Mac and doesn't just take up every last bit of available space. Is there any way to guesstimate the i Cloud space needed before jumping down this rabbit hole?I’d like my phone photos to go onto my computer through i Cloud, but I don’t need all the computer photos to jump back onto my phone. Aperture3.3 (and its later versions), as well as i Photo 9.3 (and later versions), use libraries in the new format.will be updated as a new product called Power Photos. It all sounds great in theory - but not so great if it comes with a hefty monthly “subscription” fee for Apple to hold your photos.It will be able to merge libraries among other things the original i Photo Library Manager can do. The closest guesstimation would be the size of your Aperture library, plus the size of your originals folder if you work referenced.If I now open my Aperture library in and upload everything to i Cloud Library, can I then switch back to the library (and potentially delete my Aperture.library) and have everything be available at full res? Just combined three i Photo Libraries into one - now trying to make sure that the Photos app will be able to push the Photos Library to the i Cloud in it’s full glory, and then do an import from the 11000 image i Photo Library to Photos, and then merge it with the i Cloud Photos contents.

This approach will undoubtedly take a long time, and will require you essentially duplicate your library contents more than once to consolidate them import them all into the second library.I’d like them to all be in the same place, so I’m super grateful for your instructions on how to merge them.But, once I do, will it work both ways and then put allllll my photos that have now merged with the i Cloud photos onto my phone?? For Merging your libraries, do the following: The library mentioned in the above step 2, includes the contents of all the libraries that have been merged.All other i Photo libraries are present and still can be accessed through your Mac.

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