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” "Sir, how did you discover this young man's cross-dressing skills? I want to get it for my wife."The repercussions of these types of online dating scams, however, can be serious.

“That police officer was really pushing the envelope,” one person wrote on Weibo.

The group posed as young women on the messaging app We Chat and, after gaining the trust of their male targets, pretended to have gotten into traffic accidents and asked the men to send thousands of yuan to cover the costs.

In June 2018, police in the southern Guangdong province apprehended over a dozen gangs, whose members used photos of models in their fake profiles and concocted family tragedies in order to get their victims to buy expensive tea.

It’s a policy that sets up a system that further controls what people who oppose the regime might post online.

They often work this way, using a society-level incident to go a little bit further in surveillance. Weibo became too viral, so they cracked down and sent people on to We Chat, which is more of a closed chatroom, or like an improved Whatsapp.

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