Charatan pipe dating

S., where it, along with the pipes’ exceptional smoking qualities, helped the pipe to sell in such quantities the factory had trouble keeping up with the demand. market become of the four blue dots, the importer wanted to make sure they could be seen by everyone standing on each side of the smoker.

The post war years brought many changes at the Sasieni company, not the least of which was the death of Mr. His son Alfred (named, perhaps, for his father’s arch-rival and former boss?

It is possible to divide the Sasieni history into three eras, similar to Barling.

In fact, throughout this article, I will be referring to “Pre-Transition, Transition, and Post-Transition” Sasieni’s.

) proved a worthy successor to his fathers’ business, and the company continued to thrive under his leadership.

About this time the company started stamping “Four Dot” on the shanks of the pipes, to further capitalize on the now famous trademark’s prestige.

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