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Naturally, Larroquette's father (a priceless William Daniels) is the judge.

Would-be-funny comedy just never does jell too well and only presents stupid alcoholic lush routines for Basinger while the males of the production just act pretty much as scenery.

The night goes into a tail-spin very quickly and it appears that Basinger's ex-boyfriend (lawyer John Larroquette) may end up winning her back in the venture.

Willis, almost totally ruined by Basinger over the course of the evening, might even get thrown in prison unless...guessed it, Larroquette helps him out.

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Meanwhile, directors, will result in dating smothers its that he doesn't know if he's handsome young man being a blind date.

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Simply Meant to Be Written by Henry Mancini, George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam Performed by Gary Morris and Jennifer Warnes Gary Morris courtesy of Warner Bros.

Records Jennifer Warnes courtesy of Cypress Records See more » Bruce Willis goes on a blind date with Kim Basinger (who loses control when she is drunk) and total chaos strikes.

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