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Blind Dating is a hilarious comedy about Danny (Chris Pine), an intelligent, confident, handsome young man who also happens to be blind.

Not that he’s letting that hold him back — for the most part, Danny refuses to let his visual impairment get in the way of anything.

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's own Nina Parker—will offer up biting commentary as they join the audience in watching these romantic outings. 's next greatest guilty pleasure and we're so about it.

Kate Little, Claire Poyser, Tim Pastore, Shauna Thomas, Ben Crompton and Sarah Tyekiff serve as Executive Producers.

“Dating in a hashtag world can provide humorous, sometimes outrageous situations, and our comics are ready to bring it,” said Amy Introcaso-Davis, EVP Development and Production, E!

My name for this dream feature is "Twitter packs." If anyone knows of something like this, drop me a line or respond in comments, and I'll cover it.

The same idea could work for Friend Feed; the "rooms" feature doesn't quite do it.

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