Billy miller and elizabeth hendrickson dating

In her Instagram post after the news broke of her return to ABC, Liz shared the following sentiment: “From the hospital to the salon!At my other daytime gig today but SO happy to announce I found a new home, on the network where it all began.We're just trying to get through the pilot right now, and if that takes off, then of course.Oh, gosh, I have so many ideas for so many people I've worked with that I think would be a perfect fit or a great guest star. Billy [Miller, ex-Billy, Y&R; Jason Morgan, GH] and I have talked about it in the past, about us going on a date together for the show.

We all sit around on a Friday night, have a glass of wine, and talk about what happened, what didn't happen.

And people will probably see a different side of me, because we have a little bit raunchier of a humor than people may know -- and I don't mean raunchy like dirty or nasty, I just mean a little bit more how we all speak to each other about what we're going through. I like that you've found a way for fans to be involved, because we all know how passionate soap opera fans are and wish their voices were heard regarding character choices and storylines. It's kind of like Choose Your Own Adventure, if you will, and...

We have the luxury of telling the stories that we need to tell. the best thing about it for me is as long as I've been in daytime, which has been ten years now, my fans have always spoken up about how they feel.

I have such a huge pool of stories that this could just go on forever -- which it won't!

But we're just exited to tell a lot of great stories and horrible stories in the best way that we know how.

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