Bad dates online dating sites

Before this job, I honestly thought these types of scams only succeeded during the dawn of the internet and email.

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Reading the dialogue between sex workers and clients was eye-opening, and I found myself pleasantly surprised by how polite clients tended to be to the person offering services. One afternoon, I came across a man who was mass messaging all women in his area to see if he could pay them to come over, have a glass of wine, and play with their feet.

After that, every time I saw him out at the bar or at a party with my friends, all I could think about was his love of feet. Working there was like having Pandora’s box staring me in the face — I could read anyone’s private messages.

Even though I knew it was immoral, it was way too tempting.

Then there were the people who used the site as a meat market, where they could harass and abuse other users — seriously, your worst nightmares about online dating are probably not that far from the truth.

I’d see people mass message others, copying and pasting a heartfelt paragraph that seemed personal and genuine to hundreds of other users.

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    It is basic common sense that the more women you meet the greater your odds of success in finding a foreign bride.

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