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This woman had a child with your brother and that should be reason enough for you to keep off. You are still very young and you can get another girl who has no complicated issues. You will only drag the innocent child into a dilemma of wondering who he should call dad.And has it crossed your mind that these two could still be in love and may get back together someday. Counsellor’s take Mike, I do not think you are in love with this woman.You may love her but she has strong links with your brother — that child.Talk to your brother and hear what he has to say about the issue. ALSO READ: What you should know before dating a girl who has been emotionally abused Mike, do you know why your brother left this woman?I find it hard to deal with the kind of relationship he has with the baby mamas.I understand that they are co-parenting but I sometimes feel that they are taking this too far as they even go on holidays together.Even if the guy himself means well and wants to do right by the new girlfriend.If he’s a halfway decent man, he’s going to be dedicating a lot of his time to all those other babies who aren’t hers.

Include your parents in this discussion and they may help you get an alternative solution.

What you feel for her is pity and you are trying to solve your brother’s problem.

This matter will only bring tension and resentment between you and him therefore consider terminating this relationship as soon as possible.

This is your time to establish a good foundation for your future.

It is your time to explore, meet new friends, mingle freely without making a serious commitment.

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