Austin tx seniors dating

I'd love to have someone who will be interested in my day, just as I will love hearing about his day.

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I don't have a broke down truck sitting out by the curb. but once in a while I certainly have no objection to, can be fun if not driving anywhere afterwards. Someone that is sincere with a tad bit of humor would be nice, someone fit, kind and looking for a long-term friendship with the p... About Me: "Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things." Things I like to do: - Camping/Hiking. Not many good places around Houston.) - Video Games (PS4) - Watch movies including: dramas, comedies, horror, and rom-coms. About Guys I Want To Meet: Always up for making new friends.always wanted to be a non-competing bodybuilder (but I was too shy), I'd say I'm just a bit short of average.. but would be happy with a lot more muscular bulk and thicker abs.. I'm a bit of a Nerd, I can watch a movie, or zone out for an occasional evening of TV.. Like to surf, swim, work out, travel all over the world, eat real food, grow real food. About Guys I Want To Meet: How bout a run on townlake trail? Genuine, totally masculine (like me)around same age or long as I finished the night off with a walk or a quick trip to the gym. Would be cool to find a work out bud here in Austin. Likes sports (playing and watching), have a competitive edge, and just fun to be around... I love working out as you can see, I coach crossfit in my spare time, and enjoy helping other reach there goals with their health. About Guys I Want To Meet: Just ask and I will tell you.... Love other surf dudes who respect the ocean/environment. About Me: Well lets see what can I say about myself, I'm a graduate from Texas A&M with a Bachelor's in Business and currently working on my MBA through the UNI of Phoenix.

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