Aubrey plaza dating donald glover

One thing they’ve never done (besides get past first base with a member of the opposite sex) is tackle a mystery of real import, so they’re caught completely off guard when a local girl shows up asking them to find her father’s killer.

Part “Scooby-Doo,” part potty-mouthed high school sendup, the pic follows the socially stunted threesome as they dig for clues, grilling a homeless man (Jason, the group’s master of disguise, dresses like a Depression-era Okie), infiltrating a gentlemen’s club (going undercover as members of high society in the film’s single funniest scene) and scoring drugs from the likely killer (while trying to fend off his randy girlfriend’s advances).

I wish someone would just come up to me and grab my face and kiss me, but people are too chicken****. I would take the person to London, 1969, and we would go see Judy Garland do her last concert, and it'd be really awesome. April on Parks and Rec has a pretty dry sense of humor. She's a virgin, and I've more or less slept with an entire small town.

In Safety Not Guaranteed, your character responds to a personal ad that says, "WANTED: Someone to go back in time with me." If you had the ability to go back to any era, where would you take someone for the best possible date?

Come here for news, videos, and photos of Aubrey Plaza. She's in Amy Poehler's new show (Parks & Recreation), the Judd Apatow / Adam Sandler film (Funny People), and the coming Michael Cera film (Scott Pilgrim VS The World).

'Id rather die on my feet, than live on my knees' -: COUNTRYMIKE Appreciation Crew :- 'I Will Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death, I Will Fear No Evil Because I'm The Baddest Motherfuker In The God Damn Valley' Fukn Brozart We caught up with Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza at a screening of her new time-travel comedy Safety Not Guaranteed, for advice on time-travel dating, erotic role-playing, and how not to get shot down like Ryan Gosling.

I mean, if both people want to play around with each other in that way, go for it.

If Encyclopedia Brown hadn’t put down the magnifying glass by his senior year of high school, his life might look a little something like “Mystery Team,” a genuinely funny but amateurishly constructed laffer from Derrick Comedy, a troupe of You Tube-savvy NYU grads with promising writing careers ahead of them.

Undeterred by the inherent difficulty of the extended sketch format (a category littered with crash-and-burn “Saturday Night Live” spinoffs), these guys manage to milk an entire feature from their premise.

Safety Not Guaranteed comes out this Friday; you can watch a trailer here.

You play characters who can be sort of intimidating, and you recently made internet news when Ryan Gosling tried to approach you... ..what would you say is the best way for people to approach you?

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