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She is now focused on acting and has stated numerous times that she considers Cate Blanchet as her idol.

Natalie Dormer is English by birth and she has a British nationality. But if we trace some few generations back, we will notice that Natalie also has Norwegian and Welsh roots.

It helped her further her career and she would then start appearing in movie roles.

Her next few projects include Agatha Christie’s “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?

All of New Moon is in the point of view of Bella but if you go to Stephenie Meyers official website there are little extracts from other characters point of view such as Rosalie telling Edward Bella is "dead".It helped her gain even more possibilities in her acting career and she was able to get started with other projects.She would appear in “Hunger Games: Mockingjay” parts one and two, star in a show called “Elementary“, and also add movies such as “Patient Zero” (2017), “The Riot Club” (2014) and “The Forest” (2016) to her repertoire.Natalie Dormer is still not married but she was engaged to be married.In fact, she has been with Irish born director, Anthony Byrne, since 2007 when they met on the set of the “Tudors”.

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