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Her eyes are a dazzling light blue in colour, and her blonde hair comes down to her shoulders.

She's wearing a red, white and blue t-shirt, she is also wearing light blue jeans and American flag themed sneakers.

Amelia expected you to call her a monster and say you never wanted to see her again.

You find yourself blushing as you take in her appearance.A blush springs to Amelia's cheeks as she answers you while wrapping her arms around your neck "Smartass. "Sounds great."=== Timeskip brought to you by Amelia and (Y/n) holding hands ===Yourself and your Vampire lover are cuddling on your sofa while watching TV.One of your arms wrapped around her shoulders whilst the other held the TV remote.She then cups your face as she pulls back slightly so you both can make eye contact. "You nod before tilting your head to the side to allow her easier access to her intended destination. You try to focus more and more in hopes of picking out a piece of paper with a certain someone's name on it, when suddenly the hat seemingly jumps towards you with an audible thudding sound.Her eyes turn from their original blue to a bright red as she slowly, kisses the side of your neck, her hands gently hold your shoulders before you feel the sharp points of her fangs slowly sink into your neck. "It's alright." you say trying to reassure her that you're fine. In surprise you jump backwards by a foot, look to Remy and see the mischievous smirk on his face. Immediately you put two and two together and realize Remy gave the top of the hat a loud tap to startle you.

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