Absolute beginners guide to online dating

He has personal experience with online dating sites, and his strength lies in knowing people who have married as a result of meeting online, and friends and colleagues who run Web sites and write columns on related topics.

Greg is a former newspaper reporter and University of Chicago publications manager, who writes his own fiction and poetry, as well as contributing articles to publications such as the Chicago Tribute Magazine, Wired Magazine and C-Net.

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Online Dating will help you acquire the skills to attract a.

Curious about online dating but worried that it might not be safe?

You will learn that greetings are important, flirting is possible without actually being in the same room with someone, and how to move from typing messages to talking on the phone and meeting in person.

Part IV, "Jumping into the Dating Pool," describes different ways to communicate with people you meet online.

Not even sure where to start and which site to try first?

Now there is a one-stop reference guide to teach you everything you need to know to enter the world of online dating — safely.

Part V, "There's a Match Out There for Everyone," covers the many specialty dating sites available for those with individual needs and interests.

You will learn how to create a profile, fill out forms, write essays, and create photos that will show you off in your best light (I mean that literally).

Part III, "Putting Yourself Out There," examines how to make a presentation that will stand out from the crowd and attract responses.

You will also learn how to: Greg Holden is the owner of Stylus Media, which creates Web pages for other small businesses.

Greg has written extensively about the Internet and the social implications of technology.

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