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The only thing you need to worry about now is yourself and Donald Trump’s Twitter, but let’s forget that one for a second. Port of Call Did you think that eating half a pound of beef and a full baked potato was only for people in love? There’s no better way to assert your dominance over singledom than by showing it that you can consume a hamburger with the weight of a small dog. Bonus: There’s always a line, but you know the number of seats it’s always fastest to find? You’ll be in and out before some of these idiots realize they’re screwing someone whose middle name they don’t even know. Prytania Theatre Did you know that on Wednesday mornings, the Prytania shows old movies for ? in Uptown, you can see middle-aged couples regretting every life choice they’ve ever made? Do you want that movie theater butter even though you know it’s just thick yellow dye? Do you want Junior Mints because they’re the only candy your mom used to eat that isn’t red licorice and that means something to you? Because who could love you after hearing you go sharp on the male part of “Summer Lovin’”? BUT, all you have to do is remove that part (people you love) and only the good parts are left. No more waiting for everyone to go up at least once to sign up for your second song, no more having to buy shots for everyone every time you get up to get one; only the pure true love of you on an empty stage with the background noise of a Rihanna song surrounding you. Imagine being able to do it without having to wait 15 to 20 minutes in between turns. Are we inside a hotel, having an affair with the mayor? The only soulmate we have is our sense of self-worth!

The shame of messing up in front of people we love! Take an Uber cause it’s cheaper than paying for parking. Ask her if you should get your real estate license. There’s chocolate and wine in there, and beautiful heart decorations that you are allowed to get.

Have you had sex with three different people named Matt in the last year? Then get a daiquiri with an extra shot and masturbate to literotica online when you get home. Also, how many times did you not wear your helmet because you thought it didn’t look cute or would mess up your hair? New Orleans Museum of Modern Art (NOMA) Lots of the museums are free for residents on Wednesday, so take yourself there. ) and finally SEE yourself, maybe for the first time.

Also, sonny...women are *quite* capable of looking for the profiles of younger men..that was what we were interested in.don't need you lying about your age just so we "see" you.. Also, age has everything to do with life experience and current place in life.

I really need to be shown they are someone special first.

I normally am not interested in anyone that much younger.

They aren't just things the heard about or read somewhere. With age comes wisdom, courage, humility, compassion, patience and we've earned every line of our faces because they reflect that we've done some real living and are so much the richer for it.

We're wiser, more resilient and more understanding.

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