10 minute dating podcast

So, I’ll explain it to you afterward if you don’t understand. But she is very pleased that this guy seems to be different. But there is a little joke, a comedy joke in the sketch. What’s the funny thing about this little sketch, okay? So, yes, I’m not going to tell you any more about it. And then you can find someone very quickly and very easily.

Or you can say ‘I think it’s very useful but the problem is Luke doesn’t write a transcript for the episodes. So I’m going to give you an update on things that I’ve been doing. And, often in a continuous form, so, ‘I’m going out with her,’ means she is my girlfriend.

It should be a very good science friction movie, very entertaining. I’ve been listening to a lot of funk music recently. And probably my favourite genre of music is funk or jazz funk. So, we use present perfect continuous to talk about things that like activities that we have done recently. And something being on a holiday means that it’s a romantic situation.

You can see the trailer for the new Star Trek film on the Internet if you go to You Tube and type Star Trek movie. Instead, I’m going to move very quickly on to the feature section of this podcast, which is all about dating, actually. Just before we move onto the feature section, let me just summarise the little bit of grammar that I told you about there. But the problem is that there are so many people on the Internet that you have to kind of go through a lot of people before you find someone who is right for you. [It is] very popular to go to places like Ibiza or Spain or other popular holiday destinations and you meet lots of other people who are at the same age as you.

Thanks.’ And you’d say: ‘What’ve you been up to recently? But it’s very interesting to be teaching a different kind of English, in this case, English that is used to describe a legal system or civil court procedures and so on and so forth. Now, don’t worry if you didn’t understand that or you didn’t find it funny. It’s very difficult to understand comedy if you are learning the language. Next expression is ‘to chat someone up’, ‘to chat someone up’.

So, here is the sketch: [18’57” Comedy sketch playing] Okay.

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    We tend to portray older men as more romantic, wiser and kinder.

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